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SVTargeter Marketing Matrix for PI Attorneys

How it works SVTargeter Matrix

The investment in a marketing strategy using SVTargeter Marketing Matrix is the most cost-effective way to get in front of your potential clients across all available advertising channels. Balanced budget spends across all digital platforms with the ability to move the budget in and out of the channels that are best performers in real time continuous improvement process.

SVTargeter Matrix – SEM Geofencing and OTT/CTV/OTO (One to One)

  • Audio/Radio (Pandora, Spotify, iHeart Radio) Need Voice Ad
  • CTV (Roku, Amazon Prime…)
  • OTT/CTV/Radio InFunnel segmented
  • SEM with Geo Fencing Native ads
  • Voice Search campaigns
  • OTO targeted native ads
  • Digital Billboards

Unbranded Survey – Produces High Volume– Optimized Ask method campaigns running in a nurturing platform to pre-qualify and segment the leads.

  • Facebook – Survey using the ask method to optimize the questions for increased results
  • Native banner ads – running on aps and websites
  • Geofencing Banner ad survey using the Ask method for continuous improvement
  • New visited last 7 days Facebook Geofencing Ads

PPC Pay Per Call – Targeting low cost competitors keywords for first position on Google using our intake team to pre-qualify the lead for

  • Google – Pay Per Call
  • Programmatic – This is in beta and is proving to be as effective

Other Campaigns available as and add on to the SVTargeter Matrix

SEO Local Longitude and Latitude targeting produce phone calls

  • New and repurposed SEO content targeting L&L zones produces phone calls
  • Expanded market area and part of the Net CMO Google Trust Algorithm
  • Local Zone targeted optimization

Email marketing warm and cold

  • Retargeting InFunnel and InMarket leads cold email with high open and conversion rate
  • Database reengagement campaigns warm emails to your current customer list

Direct Mail One to One Retargeting

  • Direct mail one to one to your InFunnel leads

Facebook Boost – Primary purpose is to drive low cost traffic to targeted content for retargeting

  • Facebook post boost to website content segmented captured in SiteVisitor

Case Studies

Dallas PI Texas Attorney

Pay Per Call Program

  • 60-day campaign
  • Total Budget $40,000
  • Calls 180
  • Cost per call $222
  • Revenue per call $4,156
  • Cases 32
  • Cost of acquisition $1,250
  • Average Case $23,382
  • ROI $748,224

Denver Colorado PI Attorney

Unbranded Survey

  • 90-day campaign
  • Total Budget $60,000
  • Form Fill Leads 294
  • Cost Per Lead $156
  • Cases 32
  • Revenue per lead $2,462
  • Cost of acquisition $1,875
  • Average Case $22,620
  • ROI $723,840

Nashville Tennessee PI Attorney

Unbranded Survey

  • 60-day campaign
  • Total Budget $45,000
  • Form Fill Leads 215
  • Cost Per Lead $209
  • Cases 20
  • Revenue per lead $2,159
  • Cost of acquisition $2,250
  • Average Case $23,210
  • ROI $464,200

Richmond Virginia PI Attorney

SVTargeter Matrix Mix

  • 90-day campaign
  • Total Budget $80,000
  • Mix Calls and form fills Leads 469
  • Cost Per Lead $170
  • Cases 48
  • Revenue per lead $2,065
  • Cost of acquisition $1,666
  • Average Case $20,180
  • ROI $968,640


SVTargeter Marketing Matrix Program

  • Quality of leads and the attorney’s intake teams ability to close the leads affect the ROI
  • We use a follow up and nurturing platform to follow up with all form fills to assist the intake team.
  • We use an intake team to prescreen the calls and forward to the attorney’s intake team, this improves the close rate.
  • Video and audio are part of the SVTargeter Marketing Matrix
    • Video commercials are generic made by the SVT team they are customized for the attorney with text to include the name of the attorney, unique call number for tracking and a unique URL for tracking.
    • Voice commercials are generic customized with voice over at the end to include the name of the attorney, unique call number for tracking and a unique URL for tracking.
    • The attorney could supply the commercials if they chose however all commercials must include the custom tracking phone and URL. This may extend the set-up period.
  • Attorney is responsible for the legal disclaimers for all ads and landing pages



Phase 1 | Setup onboarding day 1 to 14

  • Information gathering
  • Creative and customize ads and landing pages
  • Approval of ads and landing pages
  • Establish base lines
  • Connect to Dashboard

Phase 2 | Warm up launch day 15 to day 30

  • Begin running ads per SVTargeter warm up algorithm
  • Adjust bid for had launch

Phase 3 | Hard launch day 31 ongoing Continuous Improvement and optimization

  • Run ads and move in and out of best performing channels
  • Test and adjusts ads and landing pages for best performing

Phase 4 | Setup client dashboard day 60

  • Meet with client to train on how to access the dashboard and review the data
  • Schedule monthly meeting with client
  • Ongoing campaign improvements